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Lucas Rollator - Monday 25 October 2021

Taking a rollator on a plane?

Is it possible to bring a rollator on a plane? What costs are involved for storing the rollator in the plane's luggage compartment? These are questions that are often asked and we are happy to answer.

Can I bring a rollator on a plane?

In many cases, this question can be answered with "yes". Many airlines allow you to bring a rollator on the plane, although the foldability of the rollator is an important criterion. The Lucas Rollator is extremely easy to fold and can be brought onto the plane in most cases. However, there are a few situations that need to be taken into account:

1) You need a rollator for personal use and want to bring it on the plane. In this case, most airlines will allow you to bring a rollator on the plane. Often, however, you are required to ask for special assistance and will be allowed to board the plane via a different entrance.

2) You are bringing the rollator for someone else. Normally, there are costs associated with bringing the rollator if this is the case. Depending on the size, the rollator will be considered either hold luggage or hand luggage. With dimensions greater than 100x75x65 cm, the rollator will normally be considered hold luggage.

Cane or crutches instead of a rollator?

In some cases, airlines do not allow you to board the plane with your rollator. The reason for this could be the limited space on the plane. If your rollator takes up too much space, many airlines prefer to transport it as hold luggage. However, if the rollator is foldable, this will be less necessary and you will be able to bring it along. It can also make a difference in which class you are flying (business, priority or economy) and how much you rely on the rollator. If a cane or crutches are sufficient in your case, some airlines require you to use these to enter the plane. A walking stick is not considered a weapon and is therefore normally not detected by security checks.

The Best Rollator for Air Travel

Although many airlines offer solutions for transporting a variety of rollators, it is always a good idea to consider this when choosing one. If you need a foldable rollator that is easy to transport by car as well as by plane (often as hand luggage), the Lucas Rollator would be a good choice for you.

Request Special Assistance

It may be useful to request special assistance when boarding a plane with a rollator. You can often find out how to do this on the website of your airline. For example, at Transavia you can request special assistance 48 hours before your flight.

Top-quality Lucas Rollator

Are you in need of a high-quality rollator? The Lucas Rollator may be just what you're looking for. It boasts a balance of lightweight design and stability, and comes equipped with a range of essential accessories including a shopping bag, stick holder, and back support. You can try it out for 100 days at no obligation, and if it doesn't meet your needs, you can receive a full refund.

Lucas rollator

Lucas Rollator

  •  Lightweight & Foldable
  •  100 days of test driving
  •  Delivered ready-made
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